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Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem – Android Game Cracked Resumable Direct Download Mediafire link

August 29, 2011


At the start of the game, Spider-Man finds a group of thugs attacking a woman. He fights them off, but then, the woman he saved called him a freak and runs away. Spider-Man is then seen chasing Sandman through New York City. They fight each other and Sandman is defeated, just before Rhino throws a car at Spider-Man, who avoids it. Rhino manages to escape and then the Triskelion can be seen in flames. It is later revealed that the fire was caused by an explosion, which let all super-villains free from the prison, along with symbiotes created from a mixture of the venom suit and OZ formula. Throughout the game, Spider-Man has to fight several villains which appear in Ultimate Spider-Man comics, such as Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino. Many of the villains’ followers have to be fought as well, like symbiotes, thugs and goblins.


::How to Combine using HJ SPLIT:: (X)

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::Download Link:: 

Mediafire Link

>>Click here for Download Link<<


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